New additions 

Thought I would share our family’s new additions with you, please meet Anna and Elsa the rabbits  

Anna is the one with mainly white ears and Elsa is the one with spotty ears 🙂 
After 15 months of our eldist 4 children wanting a pet and is not being able to due to our youngist health issues we was finally aloud to get some rabbits as long as they was out side pets only and never to be in the home. 

At the momment that are around 12 weeks old and a little bit Nervous of there new home as they have only been with us 3 days so at the momment we are taking the children one by one to ensure Anna and Elsa dosnt feel over crowded. 


Bugaboo runner 

  As a bugaboo owner all ready  and have used bugaboo for many years now. 

I quite enjoy running (not a great runner but baby steps)  

anyway gose with out saying I have been lusting over this since bugaboo announced they was realising this beauty, at the time Sebastian wasn’t old enough to go in runner as the baby should be aged 9 months. 

Anyway , So that time came  where he would have been able to and I broke my foot so I wasn’t able to run and to be honest still getting back into it as been told I need to build it back up again anyway. So at that point we didn’t buy it 


My husband suprised me with the runner for Christmas among other things 

So as you can gather I was over the mood and could not wait to run with it. 

I have now been on a few runs with it and I love it and Sebastian seams more than happy in there 🙂 
The bugaboo runner is fantastic you can buy it as a whole system or if your a bugaboo owner of  a bugaboo all ready you can just buy the chassis and adapters. 

We have the bugaboo Cameleon and a bugaboo bufalo so my husband got me adapters for both.  

 This is the Cameleon adapters  all you have to do if place them on the chassi  and click into place 

   then you can place the seat on, you can have it parent facing and front facing 
The tires are air and comes with a pump and the basket has plenty of storage for all the bits you would like to take with you.

 Eg we have 5 children  3 in full time education and my 3 year old in nursery so on my running days which at the moment is Tuesday and Thursday as these are the days my daughter is in nursery she dose go on a Friday half day but as I’m still building up from breaking my foot they don’t want me doing Friday’s as well anyway 

I walk the children to school using the  runner on these days instead of one of my other bugaboos and of course with us being in the uk it’s pretty cold at the momment so I ware a coat but as soon as my daughter is dropped of at nursery I pop the coat on the bottom get my sunnto ambit set on run and of we go 

There is elastic straps to hold ur belongings in place and a spot for the pump there is also some mesh pockets that Velcro they are good for keys phones etc I have the iPhone 6s Plus and that fits in there.
The handle  height is adjustable to allow the perfect running position which is great as my husband runs too so if he feels he would like to take our son the runner is more that suitable for him too he is rather tall and long legend and he has plenty of room for his legs which is one thing we have struggled with in the pass with runners. 

The bugaboo runner also had two breaks one on the handle bar and a foot one which is fantastic and as there is plenty of room for running position and there is plenty of space between running strides and the foot break so there is no accidently catching it again fantastic   This also was a nightmare with some runners we had in the past

The bugaboo front wheel is in a fixed position and is fantastic as with runners that have the option to be fixed or move I found in the past that If u was on a uneven path or had slight stones sometimes they could flick from being fixed to move witch coursed lots of problems 

So I’m so happy bugaboo uses fixed wheels 
All in all I love this runner and Sebastian seams to enough going out with me in it he always giggles and falls to sleep also. 

If you are thinking about getting a runner I would highly recommend checking the bugaboo runner out. 

Happy new year 

Oh my goodness it’s 2016 all ready, 

Firstly I like to which you all the very best for 2016 and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. 

2015 was such a roller coaster year  for us with everything from poor little Sebastian having a few poorly times, me breaking a foot and also moved ekk. 

But hopefully that will settle this year 😃 as I feel I neglected my blog a little bit which is something I intend on fixing this year, 

Now that my foot has healed Anough for me to run again I’m able to star of with short runs so I will be doing post regarding that and I also have a running pushchair now ( which I’ll do a separate post for ) but that is amazing I’ve had one go with it since reciving  it for Christmas but I’m all ready loving it 😘 

Get my act together 

My goodness seems like forever since I did my last blog post, then I take a look and see that actually it had been a while and so much had happend ekkk 
Little man is one I mean 1 all ready where oh where has that year gone 

And so much has happened 

So I have a few blogs to post so those will be to uploaded ASAP. 

Ohhhhh broken foot Ouch 

  So last week my husband and I went out to a ball and tbh the night was pretty Amazing and although missing my adorable children it was nice to get mummy daddy time 
However after dancing and getting nocked by some gent I managed to break my foot well the metatarsal 

All of a sudden I felt this sudden pain to my foot but thought I’d sleep on it to see how was the next day. 

So next day woke up to horrible pain  and went to a&e to discover it was broken and a cast was to go on 😦 

Needles to say I’m completely gutted no running no gym OMG what and if that wasn’t bad enough I had to have a non weight bearing cast ( nwbc) and crutches and a appointment a week later at the fracture clinic. 

So the week went on omg trying to use these crutches was the Bain of the week. If it was not be that was bad at the control of them it was little man pulling them as he crawls around. 

So the week went on and I went to the fracture clinc they was going to to add a new cast but instead of the back slab I did have on they was thinking maybe a lighter one,

 but luckily the nice Dr took pitty on my with 5 kids hobbling around on crutches and gave me a weight bearing boot instead that goodness but I had to promis I would take it easy me and take is easy really dose not go in the same sentence. However means yes I have to have this on for another 5 weeks but this comes of so I can also get a bath. 


 Which reminds me when I had the back slab on as this was not removalable so we did by a special bag type thing that you Pop over the cast and keeps it 100% dry  called limbo

this was is amazing we bought it so I could get a bath but also when we go away in a few weeks so I could still go in the beach with the kids. 

So yes that’s pretty much been my week tbh hoping around the house, hobbling on the crutches and itching to go to the gym or for a run. 

Sebastian’s new wheels bugaboo cameleon3 diesel 

    Well as most people know am a masive bugaboo fan. 
So as soon as we sore the bugaboo diesel we knew we was going to get it altho we had the bugaboo buffalo and still use both 🙈 

So share to start we actually bought this in May however the last months have just been running away with us with appointments at hospital etc etc so this post is super late which I really apologise about. 

Anyway where to start 

The bugaboo cameleon diesel is where bugaboo teamed up with diesel and designed this amazing pushchair every ince of it has had great amount of thought in the details. 

It’s a military style which seams to be in at the moment. ( I’m no style expert I just buy what I like rather than what others like) 

So anyway it’s green with Browns and camaflarged and also has the molly system that pouchers clip on to and they also include a few that you can use 

Granted not 100% like the military  but the style and design is spot on and let’s face it’s the military pouchers are designed for war 

the pushchair is not altho if I was going to go to war and had to take a pushchair the bugaboo would deff be the one I took.  

The wheels have the classic diesel saying only the brave. 

 of course we bought the matching footmuff that we not yet used and we also bought the parasol which both are covered in camaflarged. 

This really is a stunning pushchair and as always bugaboo the standard of the pushchair is amazing. 

So apart from style the pushchair still dose everything else that the bugaboo cameleon 3 dose  so is multi tarrin tou can choose weather or not you have big wheels at front at just the flick of the handle bar the handle bar extends to suit the tall people I’m 5ft 4 and the lowest setting the handle bar comes to just above my hip which o recently found out is the ideal high. 

Also onto two wheels for the beach if you look threw my post  these is anpost on one of my daughters cameleon  2 where it’s in two wheels 🙂 

It comes with the bassinet and seat the bassinet has the airflow matters in so your baby can sleep in there over night if needed as long as it’s in a flat surface ( you can take of the chassi and place on floor) also out some was in the bassinet till 7 months old he is very long so This was good for room. 

you can also sit the seat mode on the floor but I wouldn’t reco ment sleeping your child in for over night. 

The 5 point harness in the cameleon diesel is diffrent to my buffalo as it had the new comfort harness which is AMAZING I love it and looking to buying the new seat for the buffalo anyway I’ll compair them in a diffrent post. I’ll also go pinto all the specs on them both on there 

So of course we have been on many walks with the pushchair so we took many pics this pushchair gets sooooo many comments people just love how it looks. 

All in all we love this pushchair 
I just can not wait to get my hands on the bugaboo runner  as both my husband and I love running as well as gym and reps in the house so where ever we can lol 

and would be amazing to go running in the day when the other 4 children at school rather than having to rely on my husband when he is back from work however he is away a lot with his job so the runner really would benifit is soooo much 

. Or even together as and when the opatunity comes 🙂

So I’ll deff be looking to get that now my little man is 9 months and able to go in. 

And I will post as and when we do 

I have a few more post that I have in mind like out storksac bugaboo changing bag and what’s in there as well as conpairing bugaboo buffalo and cameleon 

Baby Updates 

  First of all of like to apologise for the lack of post. 

We have been so busy at the moment 

Well Sebastian is now 7 months old and OMG where has that time gone. 

So the last 7 months 

Well the last 7 months have been up and down really Sebastian is such a happy content little boy he really is a dream baby however  poor little man had been rather poorly and had three admittions to hospital lasting a week long  each time. 

I don’t want to bore you with every little detail plus I would be going on forever. 

 But he is under prof and consultant and is well at the moment bless him.

tbh he is a big boy and is rolling over but not quite sitting up yet and he is always fully of smiles although I do think he is teething at the moment. 

He has also just be bought a new pushchair which is the  bugaboo cameleon  diesel by daddy which is amazing and I’ll do a post about that I’m also going to try and do a Whats in my changing bag and well as conpair his buffalo to the cameleon. 

Talking of pushchairs there isn’t he bugaboo runner due to be realised in the UK soon which I can not wait to get my hands on as means I would be able to get more runs in when the other 4 children are at school. Also means I got review it as well as blog about running with baby etc.  I did try to get my hand on it early however there is no ware in the  UK that can sell it to me till its realised. 
For the fitness lovers out there I will also try to get one in regarding the sunto ambit as well as long the exercising I’m doing as tbh I’ve been forgetting or thought I’ll do that in a min and next thing I know the house has gone mad anyway now things have settled down I’ll get on top of it. 
I’ve also got a few beauty bits I’ve popped to one side to do so I’ll get that sorted too. 
Again apologise for not having these up yet but I will do then ASAP 

And thank you for taking the time to ready my blog. 

You can also find me @ beautymumandchildren on Twitter